Watch this short video to learn more about the contract and closing process once you’ve decided to sell your home to Waco First Home Buyers.

We offer sellers certainty in an uncertain market.

Selling a property for Cash in Waco is this easy:
– We agree on a price
– We sign a simple two-page contract
– We run a title search
– We close on your desired date
– You get cash in hand

Hey, it’s Stinson with Waco First Home Buyers. I want to take a couple minutes to explain to you what would happen if you decided to sell to us. First, we’ll sign a simple contract. It’s written in simple terms and easily understood. The contract clearly states that we’re buying the property as is, and not rely on any information from you solely on the inspection that we do while we’re at the property.

Our contracts do not offer an inspection period. This is to ensure that we will not come back and renegotiate price based on unforeseen repairs. The contract clearly states that we’re the buyers and you’re the sellers and that we’re paying you cash for the property on the date that you choose. The contract is written in such a way that gives you the certainty that you deserve. We’re not wholesalers. We’re not going to come back and renegotiate or try to resell the contract. We are the buyers.

Once the contract is signed, we’ll deliver a signed copy in our earnest money deposit to the title office, and you’ll receive a notarized copy and receded contract within 24 hours. We’ll be by your side while the title office runs title search. My team will be with you the entire way. We’ll check in weekly or more often you prefer, so you’re in the loop during the entire process. Once title is clear sometimes as quickly as seven days, we’ll wire our funds into the attorneys’ escrow account.

Once that’s been done, the title offers reach out to us both to schedule the close. We’ll show up and sign. Before you do that way, the funds are released to you as soon as you sign, it’ll be your choice. If you’ll receive an instant wire that day or a cashier’s check, as you’re walking out of the title office. Real estate transactions, don’t have to be complicated or stressful. It really is this easy. We sign, we run a title search. We close you get paid.

If you have any questions about our process or closing in general, reach out, give us a call, fill out the form. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. We look forward to serving sir.