Should You Sell Your House For Cash?

Selling a house is quite a complicated process for it requires so much effort, patience, legal documentation and registrations, and enough knowledge regarding real estate sales. However, in times of need, people who aren’t knowledgeable enough to do real estate business are forced to do so. Are you thinking about “how to sell my house […]

How to File a Texas Homestead Exemption

  If you are a homeowner or home buyer in Texas, you have probably heard of homestead exemptions.  Well you’ve come to the right place! Below, you can learn all about Texas homestead exemptions, their basic requirements and the application process. What Is a Texas Homestead Exemption?  At its core, a Texas homestead exemption is […]

How to Dispute Your Property Taxes in Waco

Your property tax appraisal arrived in the mail. You opened it up, and nearly passed out. Texas home values are going up, but how could your property value have increased so much? This might be great for the economy, but you’re a homeowner. Is it the best thing for you? One of your most important […]

Selling My House With Realtor vs. Investor

Want to “sell my house fast in Waco?” It’s Stinson here with Waco First Homebuyers. I wanted to take a couple minutes to talk to you about the difference between selling to a real estate investor, like us at Waco First Homebuyers, or selling through a real estate agent, the traditional route of listing your […]

Sell Your House Fast For Cash : A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you wondering how to sell your house fast for cash? We prepared a step-by-step guide that you should follow to sell your house fast. It came from various home sellers. Check it out.  Traditional Method of Selling Your House Dealing with the things that must be dealt with immediately  For example, any safety concerns, […]

Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House to Direct Home Buyers

  Selling to a direct home buyer can save homeowners thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.  Wondering how to sell my house to direct home buyers? When a home is being sold to an investor the homeowner does not need to list the property and pay a commission. This often ranges from 5-7% […]